Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trying to get caught up! Whew!

I never know what order these pictures are going to post on here so today instead of wasting more time trying to fight with the order I'll just tell you what they are as they go. I've already been sitting here for hours trying to get them off of my camera. Ugh!
This first lovely is a picture of the beautiful flowers that my mother and father-in-law, Maryann and Jerry sent me for my birthday. They are so beautiful and were such a surprise. Actually I made out quite well I just haven't taken a pic of the entire haul.

This is a picture of a little squirrel at Lake Fairfield State park eating some strawberries that I think someone may have illegally used to try to attract some raccoons the previous evening so they could take pictures of which did not work. I would never do such a thing because I am WELL aware of the rules in state parks and feeding the animals is a big no-no and I am follower of rules if I am a thing.

This is a very LARGE hole that we found in a rotton tree stump thingy. I feel certain that this is the home of a very large arthropod of some sort. I say that because the hole (sorry there is no point of reference in the shot) was about as big around as the arm of a middle-schooler and was covered with webby stuff. I did not stick around to find out who/what's home this was. Weird.

This may perhaps be the said illegal raccoon attracting device in the aforementioned thingy. They tried to get everything but this. Of course. One even came almost to the table while we were eating but no, none would come close when I was all hidden and stealth with my camera.

This is a baby armadillo that I named James. No this is not the magic of a telephoto lens. I was laying on the ground and he actually let me get this close to him. I'm sure he saw me....I mean how could you miss me, but he didn't run away. Although some little heathern boys came later on a bike and he ran away very fast. He was so cute and little. Even his little shell was still soft. No sign of a mom though.

I took this picture just because it was cool and I like to see people kickin' it old school.

This is how the Cox Clan kicks it. In the 17 foot R-sport toyhauler. It's funny because it looks like a baby RV when it's set up next to some of the biggies. But we love it and it has a toilet and AC. What more can you ask for when you're pretending to be homeless in 100 degree weather?

Okay. This is no big deal. Just supper one night, but I was working on my photography technique and lighting stuff so you get to see it anyway. It was rather tasty and attractive if I do say so myself.
The turkey cutlets in progress. They look so good they almost don't even look real.

The taters! Mmmmmm!

Oh! Here's my latest creation....a cute little wallet. I used a tutorial I found on-line. I meant to include a link but forgot and now I'm on a roll so if anyone wants it I'll go get it.

The 1st wallet pic was of it in action....this was before I put anything in it. It's funny....I had to borrow the dollar from Jarrett just so I could have some money to show in the pic. Ha!

This is what it looks like all closed up. You can't see it in this pic but it even has two snaps just like the store-bought ones. The colors are much brighter but I got carried away in my photo editing. Sorry.

This is an upclose picture of the last quilt I made. I made this one for my friend Tamara...she's the one who's been pregnant the entire time I've known her...anyway...isn't it cute? I just love the fabric--it has little onesies all over it. Bought that at the Quilt Cottage in Fairfield....if you're ever in the area you should stop there. It's the cutest shop and those ladies are so sweet. Could've spent all day there but my guys wanted to get back to the camping.

This is the quilt from far away. Sorry it's so blurry. Normally I take quilt pictures over the stairs but Jarrett would not help me hold it so I had to improvise and this corner of the living room was too dark. Of course I always finish a quilt after midnight so I can forget natural light.
I didn't take any pictures but I have also made about 10 cloth napkins to use. They are actually quite cute but they got put into service immediately so I didn't get a chance to take their picture. I'm trying to seriously reduce the number of paper towels we use. I hate it. I pay good money so we can wipe crap on them and then throw them away. Ugh. It's ludicrous. I haven't used a paper towel all week. I'm so good. Plus I'm so dang crafty I amaze myself--they are downright cute too! Oh yeah! I've also made 2 purses. They are cute but again, put into service too fast for photos. Maybe next time.

So anyway, that is what I've been up to the last couple of weeks. All of this and then throw in a couple of work trips to Houston, 2 to Austin, and 1 to Laredo....no wonder my hiney is dragging. I'm very excited this weekend though. I am chaperoning a bunch of heatherns from church to a youth evangelism conference in Dallas....I think me, Ms. Sheri, and Mr. Richard are the ones you should be praying for. We leave Friday afternoon and come back Saturday afternoon and then that night we are going to Tyler to eat dinner with my step-daughter Erica and her new honey Ian. We've never met Ian so this will be great. I know Erica is VERY fond of the young man so he can't be all bad. Then on Sunday morning, I'm getting up early to drive to Lake Whitney to see my mom and dad who will have driven up from the valley. YAY!!!! I'll get to see a bunch of my most favorite people in the world all in one weekend.
Anyway....this has literally taken me hours to do this post. I swear I'm going to take a class or buy a book or something. I'm too smart not to better at this stuff. I hope everyone has a blessed rest of the week and if I get a chance I'll post more.
Oh, in case anyone cares, I have happened on to this wonderful website that has some of the best photography as well as the best photography instruction, plus some great recipes too, so if you want to have a look it's http://www.pioneerwoman.com/ . Another is http://www.madebypetchy.com/ Petchy is great...plus she's from Norway and she has some of the best tutorials I have found. I've made several of her projects. Waiting on her to get her new sewing machine so she can get some more stuff done.
Until later! Love you bunches! Love your hair--hope you win!
--toodles, Toni