Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Okay. I really had good intentions this past weekend to get this all up and going, but I am still one baby quilt behind being caught up so I pieced most of the weekend. I really wish the baby-makers would slow down so the baby blanket makers could catch up. Apparently I am not as prolific as they are. =)

I hope to have some pics up. Been doing a little bit of camping and I have some great pics from that as well as my last few quilts to post pics of.

Speaking of pics--I was updating my profile and when I saved it I got a message that said "fetching profile pic" and for a second I thought the computer was flirting with me. ha! I thought it meant that my photo was fetching....apparently it was GETTING my profile pic. I am so dumb. But there for a second it really made me smile.

If any one reads this, please pray for me. We had our first Awana meeting at church last night and apparently I'm the assistant games leader. Oh my goodness! Not sure I'm qualified to lead these kids to the Lord. Not sure I'm qualified to lead myself. I just have to pray for wisdom for the right words to use and to be a good example. At least I'm not responsible for the teaching. I don't know that I am ready for that. I plan on completing a book with the kids. I don't know scripture like I should and what a fun way to work on that. Anyway, y'all pray that Carolyn and I will be good examples and will come up with games to keep these kids entertained and to motivate them to bring their friends. Mostly pray that it will all be done for God's glory and to help us to have a humble and servant heart.

Gotta run, I am at work after all. If you're reading this, you probably know me, if you don't then nice to meet you. I hope everyone is doing great and continues to be blessed and be the blessing that someone else needs. I love y'all.

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  1. Greetings,
    I love your podcast and enjoyed our visit last night. (via Ipod)
    I am a special education teacher 28 years by day and a fiber person by night.
    You can view if you wish some of my creations at
    www.fibermoon.com or on flikr under the person search shelbecat. I am a transplanted Texan and live in San Angelo...but I did name one son Austin and the other Tyler to make up for Yankee birth place. I was born in Boston but raised in Key West........so you ponder how did she end up in Texas.....met a Texas boy in San Antonio on a visit and have been in Texas ever since! Something about the quiet slow drawl and tight blue jeans me thinks.
    He still has a slow drawl but wears his jeans on the droopy side these day! Thanks for taking the time to do the pod cast....skip the bumper music in my humble opinion!