Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm still alive! I promise!

I know I haven't posted anything since August--I'm very sorry. It's been a rough few months.

Okay biggest news of all--I am now a mother-in-law and I am expecting my first grandbaby....didn't necessarily happen in that order, but what are you going to do? Lindsay Kay has married her boyfriend Chris (this is NOT the boyfriend who caused so many problems last year) and is now Lindsay Kay Jacobs. They are expecting their baby on May 15, 2010. They have an apartment on the square in Rusk which literally puts them about 50 yards from my house. They haven't found out the sex of the baby, and unless they change their minds, they say that they won't be finding out. I have decided that it is a girl and her name is Petunia Louise--don't you LOVE it?! HA! My grandmother name will be Lola--that is the Phillipino word for grandmother and I will be going to the Phillipines in April 2010. Plus it doesn't sound old like granny or anything--it makes me sound like a sexy grandma! Ha!

I'm going to post some pictures now and again--I never know what order they will be in so I'll just give explanations as they post. One of these days I'm going to figure this dang thing out! I'm starting to get it, but it has still taken me hours to post this....sorry! You guys are worth it though! I love you!

I love this picture. This is my mom, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Sandy and Aunt Carolyn. Four sisters.....makes my heart safe and happy.

My wonderful parents--Hank and Linda. Awww--they are so sweet.

Mack and Aunt Sandy--that's a great picture of them.
I do love my Aunt Sandy!

This is the first in a series I like to call...."Uncle Shorty!!!!!!!" You'll understand the title in 3....2....

1!!!!!!!!!!! That look in his determined.
I love a pervert! ha!

Oh sure Aunt you act surprised!

A sweet picture of Aunt Carolyn, Tricia, and Mary Nell.

Oh! Hey look--this is the turkey Ken and I made for Thanksgiving! Turned out kind of good! It tasted almost as good as it looked. That whole turkey cooking thing wasn't as bad as I had myself believing.

This is a very brief layout of the quilt I'm working on. Not sure if I'm ever going to finish it. Had it this far forever....can't seem to get back to it...maybe after Christmas. The entire thing will be made from scraps when I get finished. Look how thrifty I am....

Here's a picture of Ken, Erica, and Aaron after Erica got her Master's Degree from Midwestern State University and Aaron got his Associates Degree from Trinity Valley Community College. I am VERY proud of them both. Not sure if you can tell by the pic but their daddy is pretty proud too.

Jarrett at one of the football games this year with his friend Cody. Jarrett is the one with the hamburger. Never realized how much he and Cody looked alike until I took this.

Here's one of my handsome little band nerd all by himself.

So anyway....I'm back into blogging and hopefully I'll keep this up better. Be sure and leave me comments. I love everyone! I hope everyone has a great Christ-filled Christmas. I love all of you!

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