Friday, January 29, 2010

Scrappy String Quilting

As I promised in the podcast that no one can listen to yet because itunes is being snobby, I present:

Scrappy String Quilting Tutorial


First I want to say that I in no way am taking credit for inventing this technique. Last weekend I bought some bags of scraps from my friends at Sharman's Sewing Center and with that purchase I received a copy of this pattern/technique. What I am presenting here is a demonstration of that technique. I don't want anyone to think I'm doing anything shady here.


First you start with a pile of scraps. The scrappier the better.

Then you begin with your foundation muslin. It doesn't have to be muslin, but I'd hate to waste pretty fabric on this part because you won't see it in the end. These are cut in 7" squares and set on point. 

Then you take your first strip and place it RIGHT side UP on the center line of your muslin. 

Next you select the second strip and place it face down on the first strip which is face up.  (I really should get a new ironing board cover--those blue stripes are making me dizzy!) 

Then you sew a 1/4 inch seam down the right sides of these two strips sewing them to the foundation muslin. 

The you flip the second strip open. 


 And press it open.

You repeat the same process with the third strip lining up on the right side of the second strip.

Again, sewing a 1/4 inch seam down the right side. 


Continue to repeat this process.

You repeat the same process with the third strip lining up on the right side of the second strip.  Until you get all the way out to the corner. Then you flip the square and repeat this process until you get to the other corner and have the entire foundation piece covered.

 It should look something like this.

The you flip the entire piece over and this is what it should look like from the back. 

Using your ruler and your rotary cutter, you trim the excess from the edges.  (And if your hands look as bad as mine, you immediately get some lotion and make an appointment for a manicure....STAT!)


This is the little bitty pile of scraps you will have left over after you trim all four sides.

And this is what your square will look like when you turn it over. You are finished with this square.

And here's a way to arrange 4 squares into a block. I love how completely different each square is but yet they are the same.

 My favorite part about this whole technique is that I use up all of those little strips and scraps of fabric I have left over from other things that are too small or odd-shaped to do anything else with. Plus it just feels good not to waste something as precious and expensive as fabric. I love my fabric and I want to get to use it up to the last little drop.

Here are the same four squares arranged in a diamond (?) pattern.

Here's a square I did with some fun juvenile prints. I love this one! I have to get me some more of these kind of scraps. I love the bright colors.

And this is just a little bit of doggy scrumptiousness I threw in because I love y'all. Isn't he the sweetest? Just looking at this makes me want to give him a big old smooch!
This is my handsome boy Pig. Yes I said Pig.


  1. Just so everyone knows....this is my first blog and as you can tell I've only posted a handful of times and this is my very first attempt at a tutorial. Take it for what it's worth. I had fun making it though!

  2. This is excellent! Thank you so much for sharing this! It was a great help! I haven't got a chance to listen to your podcast yet. Trying to get it from itunes now, but keep up the good tutorials!