Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silly Chick Designs Episode 4

Get all of the juicy details about how I broke my leg! Lots of chatting and visiting! Been missing everyone! Hope you enjoy! I love all of my podcast friends!


  1. Yay! Thanks, now I have a new podcast to listen to on my way to the AQS show in Lancaster, PA later this week.

    -debby, Chester ny

  2. First, I hope your leg is feeling better. Second, I've been trying my hand at making a podcast. It is called Making Our Home a Haven. I was wondering who you are using to host your audio before it gets uploaded to ITunes. I've made 2 short episodes and am currently using TalkShoe but I'm not crazy about TalkShoe. Anyway, in listening to you I feel we are like kindred spirits as I love crafting and my mother is a huge quilter so I appreciate all that goes into quilting. I'm a craft sewer. I love listening to your podcast. You sound like such a natural.

  3. Nancy,

    Hi! I learned everything I know about making a podcast from Allison Rosen host of Within a Quarter Inch. She did an entire episode about how to. Darla from Scientific Quilter was also a huge help. I use for hosting. I think Darla uses pod bean or something like that. Blip is really simple. I'm hoping to get a flip camera soon so maybe I can do a video episode occasionally...not sure if y'all are ready for that yet....ha! I'll try to download your cast....I love ALLLLLL crafting podcasts!

  4. I enjoyed listening to your podcast. I hope you will soon hear good news about your leg.
    There is a funny podcast that I listen to; it's Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase. I found her through itunes.

  5. Hi there. Well you had me laughing out load today. I'm really enjoying your relaxed and so casual way you do your podcast. Your so full of life it seems, except when you break your leg. LOL. I feel bad for you I really do and I hope it gets better fast. Thanks for the pod's and I want you to keep them up as I really love hearing about other quilters/sewers and their experiences and knowledge. Looking forward to hearing your voice again soon. Vanessa (Australia)

  6. You absolutely have to say the line about how you love our hair and hope we win in every podcast now! That is THE BEST line evar!

    Have a fun trip. If you do get to have time to check on your massive amounts of emails before you go, then try to see if you can sign up for the new big tent group.

    Oh and after listening to you for an hour or so, I kept finding myself talking (or trying not to because it's not natural around here) as if I had an accent too.

  7. So sorry to hear about your leg!!! You're one tough chick! Thanks for doing the podcast, I love it! I'm from the south too, and really enjoy hearing "my language" ya'll!!! Get well fast and keep on podcasting, ya hear???

  8. Hi Toni,
    I found your podcasts and listened to them while driving to and from work. They're great. It's funny, now I feel like I have a new best friend and you don't even know me. I'm sorry to hear about your leg. I hope you're up and walking soon! I grew up in Missouri. My ex was in the Air Force and we moved around a bit. We ended up in San Antonio and I lived there for 12 years. Now live in Las Vegas! I'm married again and moved to Vegas 6 years ago when my husband took a job out here. You need to hike around Red Rock and we several great quilt shops out here. I need to give you a list of them. I should end this and send you an email, huh? By the way, it's great to meet you ! Have a great day!

  9. Hi Toni, welcome back. What a bummer about your leg. These things happen. It's great to hear your voice again in a podcast. Keep them coming you are doing a fantastic job.
    Michelle in Australia
    P.S. Love love love your accent.

  10. Sorry to hear about the leg. I feel for you and hope things are MUCH better now.

    Terje (Sounds like Terry)