Friday, February 26, 2010

Episode 3

Hey guys! I finally got episode three recorded...yay! Lots of good stuff this a contest! WAHOO!


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  2. Well, I know you said the name for your machine didn't have to be German but how about Hildagard (I think that's German), but you can call her Hildie for short :)

    -design wall debby, Chester NY

  3. I have a Bernina sewing machine and I call it Nina. I know it's not much of a creative name but it what came to mind one day while I was thinking about sewing. What about the name Franie for you sewing machine?

  4. I have a 34 year old 830 Bernina and I never thought of naming it (her?)!
    Loved your latest podcast! How about Pfanny since it's a Pfaff!

  5. Hi Toni,
    Congrats on your podcasts, job and machine! When I googled Pfaff it said “an old English term for taking an extraordinary amount of unnecessary time to do something, particularly when others are waiting on you.” Well, I think we have earned that right. So my suggestion is Ernie :)


  6. Don't know if you're still accepting suggestions. I just found your podcast, and it's hoot. Keep up the good work!

    How about Pfrancis?

    Kathy in Sunny (for the moment) Seattle

  7. Hey there! I just stumbled upon your podcast while I was loading up new episodes of other stuff I listen to and I am really enjoying you. I chuckle when you apologize for smacking your lips or saying "umm" because I never notice it until you mention it.

    My main machine is a Janome Memory Craft. I am saving for a Janome Horizon which will probably be my last machine purchase. I also have a Singer I use when my main machine goes in for tune ups or when I feel the need for a "different" machine. It's a cheap Quilter Confidence but, as long as I keep up with maintenance, it sews like a charm.

    Love your talk about green smoothies. I am also Vegan and have one every day. I would like to offer a suggestion. Try using kale instead of spinach sometime. Kale also has almost no taste but it is considered a "super food" and is packed with nutrients. Also, I sometimes grind up flax seed and sprinkle that in at the last minute. It gets thick after a few minutes so sometimes I leave it on top like granola and eat it as I go. (I make my smoothies on the thick side anyway so I often use a spoon).

    Oh! My machine is called Sajiko because it was built in Japan (Janome means eye of the needle) and I think "Sajiko" sounds like what a machine sounds like when it's sewing.

    Terje (sounds like Terry)