Monday, February 8, 2010


I know you're not ready for all of this excitement folks, but my podcast is officially listed on itunes......FINALLY! Yay! I haven't been complimentary of itunes, but I have to say that most of what was wrong was my fault. I would like to say thanks to all my quilting blogging sisters that didn't give up on me! I hope to have a new episode out this week. I'm told that subsequent episodes don't take nearly as long to post.

Quick question--I saw on Mark Lipinski's blog that he is going to be putting out a DAILY podcast...has anyone heard anything about that? I searched for it on itunes but couldn't find it--maybe he hasn't started. I know there have been many changes for him recently.

Check out my poll--I'm getting ready to do another tutorial. Let me know what you want to see!



  1. Toni! Let me just say...I LOVE YOUR PODCAST! Definitely one of my favorites and you've only done one! Come on girlfriend, get the next one recorded already! Just kidding, I know it's lots of work but I want you to know I LOVE IT and can't wait to be one of your best followers!

  2. Robyn,

    That made me cry! That is so dang sweet! I will record the rest of my next one tonight. Was going to do it later in the week, but now I'm inspired...I have a follower! That isn't related to me I might add! LOL!

  3. Toni,
    I just finished listening to the first one, and I loved it! Your accent is darling! You could sell meat to a vegetarian with a drawl like that, it's mesmerizing! The info was wonderful too, I liked hearing about your family. I found your podcast from Brye Lynn. Keep 'em coming!

    Tiffany from MD

    PS- I have 3 machines, a Brother Sewing/Embroidery machine, a Singer, and a Bicor. Even though the Brother is the newest, I use the Singer the most!

  4. Hi Toni.
    I heard about your podcast from Brye-Lynne. I've really enjoyed listening to you so please keep going.I'm at home recuperating from a lumpectomy and it has brightened my afternoon up.
    I have an ancient Singer which I use to make clothes, curtains and piece quilts and a Brother which I also use to piece and to quilt.
    Cheers from Scotland

  5. Hi Toni,
    Excellent 1st podcast! Sounds like you've been doing it sounds that good. I listen to just about all the quilting podcasts you mentioned (Brye Lynn is my favorite, but I really like quite a few of the others). You are definitely a natural at this & I'm sure you will end up with a long list of followers. I have a Pfaff Creative Vision (a surprise Christmas gift from my husband 2 years ago). It's still way smarter than I am :) I made my own design wall. I will e-mail a picture of it to you, although you may have seen it on one of BryeLynn's latest blog entries. I'm really looking forward to your next podcast & do hope you record regularly.
    Great job!
    -debby, chester, ny